Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology

Concept & Design: Tina Frank, Elvira Stein
Programming: Thomas Höchtl/media24

In an earlier collaboration we designed the logo and basic corporate design for the association of Viennese quantum researchers. The research teams being members of three different universities/institutions were then opting for a web platform, showing all of the research teams and topics, and aiming to establish one central website for all quantum matters in Vienna.

We designed the website after diving deep into (the) matter, starting with a strong concept and detailed wireframes. The solution now includes sub-sites for all research groups, with the possibility to build individual content structures for each main website. The focus of the main site is on news, events and publications of the VCQ, as well as information for sponsors.

All icons for the navigation and the shortlinks on the startpage are based on the VCQ logo symbol, the design is clear and structured and uses bright and modern colors and color blocks. One of the main design elements is typography: being very readable, the font “Lato” also adds a lot of character.