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About Tina Frank

Tina Frank is a graphic designer and media artist aswell as professor for graphic design at the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria. Her roots are in webdesign and cover designs for experimental electronic music during the mid 1990’s when she also started to work with digital realtime-visualisation, video & multimedia. The focus of her work lies in Print, Corporate Design, Signage Systems and within the experimental field of music visualisations. She gave uncountable performances at festivals worldwide, her videos are shown at many festivals. In 2006 the video »chronomops« received first price at »diagonale 06« for best innovative, exper­imental-, animation- or shortfilm.

She was founder & creative director for the design offices »U.R.L. Agentur für Informationsdesign« (Vienna & Berlin) aswell as »designby frank scheikl« (Vienna). In 2007 she started »Tina Frank Design«. Taschen Books listed Tina Frank in their book »Graphic Design for the 21st Century« among the top 100 graphic designers worldwide. Many of her coverdesigns have been published in numerous design reference works and are considered influential. With generative tools she creates immersive works to visualize  music, hotel rooms, and the likes.

Since October 2008 Tina Frank is head of the department of graphic design and photography at the University of Art and Design Linz. In 2010 she organized the international symposium »REAL FAKE – reality as image, image as reality«, which dealt with the design and mapping of reality. Tina Frank has given many presentations on how to link design, music and the moving image.

CV long version (2011, PDF, deutsch)
CV short version (02.2011, RTF, deutsch)
CV short version (02.2011, RTF, english)
Documentation of Videoworks (2011, PDF, deutsch)

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