Fuzzy Motion – pictures without legs 1995-2000

Label: Gas (Japan)

The DVD consists of two parts: part 1 contains a selection of more classic musicvideos: the well-known Aus can be found together with the last work of Skot – End of Skot, which marks the end of their collaboration. Part 2 is a wild collection of small snippets from 7 years of design for Mego and other musicians. More than 20 small videos, ranging between 2 sec. and 1,5 minutes. Fuzzy Motion was programmed to be played in random mode: just put the DVD in a player and all videos will mix heavily. The result: trash design culture meets glossy video works.

Aurore McEdwards, Baltimore, June 2002:
„You’ve seen the videos, recognised the logos, worn the t-shirt, admired the album artwork, probably even listened to the music held within, possibly even liked what you heard. Now you can enjoy, interact, play with, be inspired by, do something else to, or even fall asleep to this shiny digital versatile disc.

But, what is all this Tina Frank business?

Often quoted as being The Mego Designer. Although only 50% of the labels artwork could be called pure Frank, all works pass through her harddisc complex at least once for the all important logo placement and the tidying up of sometimes messy first ideas.

Like much of the audio her covers represents (or should we say sells?), Tina’s work took advantage of late 20th century price reduction/product advancement of computerised digital hardware. That’s not to say things were made easier, far from it. But, previously thought impossible graphic structures and ideas came to being.

It also made the crossfade between still graphics to moving visuals seamless and before we knew it people started using the term avant garde. No, no, no….. thats a dirty word, sorry two dirty words and the kids know it. The audio-visual excursions of the Skot project are far superior in their ability to fuck with peoples heads to ever have to worry about things like that.There is no Generic Frank Style, just a desire to make something more slicing, more cutting, but above all something you want to look at, at least more than once. Which, in this day and age of information overload, option paralysis and lightweight copyists, is something to stand up for.“

Including the videos: end of skot, glambox, pitbudp, General Magic & Tina Frank:live@phonotaktik NYC 02, aka just water, reconnaissance, aus and many more…