Speculative Solution, Florian Hecker

Box with 100 page booklet and CD
Designers: Tina Frank, Florian Hecker, Elvira Stein

This sensation that you are in a world where there can be no physics, but only a chronics, of things.*

Editions Mego and Urbanomic together released ‘Speculative Solution’, a CD and book with contributions by Florian Hecker, Elie Ayache, Robin Mackay and Quentin Meillassoux. Originally commissioned by Urbanomic, this collaborative project brings together Hecker’s sonic practice and psychoacoustic experimentation with philosopher Quentin Meillassoux’s concept of ‘hyperchaos’ – the absolute contingency of the laws of nature.


* Quentin Meillassoux in conversation with Florian Hecker and Robin Mackay, Paris, 22.07.2010