Kunstverein Medienturm

since 2006, Corporate Re-Design in 2010
Corporate Design, Book Design
Designers: Tina Frank, Jutta Zwischenbrugger, Isolde Fitzel, Elvira Stein

Kunstverein Medienturm is an arts institute in Graz, working at the cross section of media art and fine arts. It all started with a design concept for the books »Cross Media« and »Abstracts of SYN« which then lead to a complete revision of Medienturm’s corporate design.

After several publications and regular exhibition designs, time was come for a redesign, that resulted in an characteristic, yet very simple and typographic corporate design. We are using the dutch font DTL Nobel throughout the design. The logo, previously reworked, stayed untouched and builds a concise and remarkable sign.