Fennesz: Endless Summer

Double-LP Artwork
Designer: Tina Frank
Photography: Hertha Hurnaus
Label: Editions Mego (Austria)

Today i received a package from Editions Mego with the anniversary issue of Christian Fennesz “Endless Summer”. To celebrate this 10years anniversary the music was packaged into a spacey double LP format. For the design of the cover we created a lush dark version printed with only three colors: a special metallic bronze-color, together with only black and red. The last image shows the original design in full-color. The new LP-package is therefore a “remix” of our own graphics.

The concept for the graphics comes from several strands of ideas: i wanted to build a threedimensional space that opens your mind, by placing two images side by side together with a floor to create the illusion of a room. The images have a layer of whirring red-yellow colors intop of them – a visual reference to the movie “the endless summer”. The images show contact prints from Hertha Hurnaus’ photos, one can see the rough edges and the materiality of the photographic film. This adds to the feeling of lost times and forgotten places.

This is what other people say:

“.. I was gazing over it as the extended version of Happy Audio played it’s glowing outro and it filled me with a very warm feeling. I haven’t had that one overcome me in a while. You really hit the nail on the head insofar as creating something completely modern, yet nostalgia-inducing and familiar.” Blair Martin Hall