28 Bregman 48 Deutsch 78 Hecker 18 Höller

LP-Cover Design
Florian Hecker: 28 Bregman 48 Deutsch 78 Hecker 18 Höller

Florian Hecker’s double 10″ vinyl dramatizes Albert Bregman’s research on Auditory Scene Analysis and the Musical Psychology of Diana Deutsch. The typography seconds the Gestalt Principles that strongly influenced Auditory Scene Analysis. Each letter was cut in the middle, breaking it into two halves of the exact same mathematical surfaces. Then one half was shifted to the point where readability is still possible, while trying to reach the limits: if one would shift them more, readability would get lost. This principle combined with a super-vivid color-combination creates a vibrating impact. Letters seem to be moving, it’s a trick on the readers mind.
Programmed with scriptographer, thanks for the programming: Clemens Schrammel.