Hotel Lentos*****

October 2, 2010
Video Projection
Designers: Tina Frank, Elvira Stein
Sound: Andreas Kurz
Curator: Magnus Hofmüller
Thanks to Mehmet Akten for the night light sequence

For the Long Night of the Museums in Linz, the Lentos Kunstmuseum was transformed into a hotel. This event played with the reinterpretation of a room, a play within the white cube of Kunstmuseum Lentos. The architecture of Hotel LENTOS***** was only suggested by white markerlines on the floor, becoming alive through its guests.

Tina Frank & Elvira Stein created a 40 m long videoprojection for the visual transformation of Lentos Kunstmuseum into Hotel LENTOS*****. It became an athmospheric backdrop which maneuvered between two positions: Stanley Kubricks »Shining« and Willi Forsts operetta-movie »Im weißen Rößl«. The acoustic interpretation from Andreas Kurz built the soundtrack for the Hotel Lentos*****.

More pictures can be found on flickr.