Video: Tina Frank
Audio: Florian Hecker
Length: 11:20 min

Tina Frank and german sound artist Florian Hecker, known for his detailed examination of experimental audio-composition in the fields of serious music and electronica, have been working together for a longer time already.

Their current project „grounded“ examines the crosspoints of two- and threedimensional presentation. Hecker’s sound works as a helping tool to unhinge Frank’s images out of their twodimensional domain. Space falters and leaves a graphic trace, a shadow of a dimension, that never was there.

The piece has a duration of 11:20 min. It was shown simultaneously at two opposite walls. While the video on wall1 starts at the beginning of the piece, the video on the second wall starts in the middle. Both videos are being played simultaneously in a loop. In this way the whole piece builds up like a modern canon – polymedial.

The opening speech at Museumsquartier Vienna, was held by Jon Wozencraft shown as a video. Grounded was shown at Medienturm SHOWS 11 – Abstracts aus synästhetischer Bildkunst – Museumsquartier Vienna from March 19 – April 23, 2006.