Video: Skot
Audio: Christian Fennesz
Production: Mego
Length: 4 min

Irritation and overlays are the main technical aspects taking place in Aus. Scratches and the graininess of the found footage (Super 8 film) are heavily exposed and emphasised. This can be seen within some kind of plastic extensibility or liquefaction of old movies by means of computers. The images are rhythmized along with the music moving forward and backward in single frames like being scratched. It is important that one can see the framing and the projection itself; the possible manipulation and fragility of the chosen movies are central, fitting perfectly to the slightly melancholic music. Thus the video tells of saying goodbye: of memories and untroubled quality of the material, in the end of old media and its representation of the world.

About Skot:
Mathias Gmachl and Tina Frank were collaborating under the name of Skot from 1997–2000. „Playing and working with recorded visual material on the basis of live sampling and live construction of new forms of visual media“ was their aim.